Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Outkast at the Marvel vs. Capcom Party

Comic-Con 2010 was interesting. While the Con itself was packed, the parties were...not so packed. That's not to say the parties didn't kick ass. The Marvel vs. Capcom party had Big Boi from Outkast doing a set, another one called TweetDeck was on an aircraft carrier (I'm on a BOAT) and featured such notables as William Shatner, but the sheer volume of parties this year meant that none of them were full or even near capacity.

Now in the case of the Marvel vs. Capcom party, I certainly wasn't complaining. I've been an Outkast fan since Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik so it was a real treat to be practically on stage at a private concert while listening to new stuff as well as some of my favorites like "Git Up, Git Out, Funky Ride, and Player's Ball.

Here's some video of the night. Sorry for the crappy sound quality, but that's what happens when you're that close to the speaker having your face rocked.

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